Cannabis Is In Your DNA

Our genetic analysis matches you with the right products
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“It is far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has.”

― Hippocrates (300 B.C.)


We test for over 100 bio-markers in your DNA that tell us how different cannabis products will affect you and if you’re predisposed to certain diseases. With these insights, we can help you use cannabis to its fullest potential.


Your personalized health-report will come with warnings to help guide your use of cannabis edibles, creams/lotions, tinctures, and smokables.

You’ll also receive insights as to which cannabinoids, terpenes, and ratios you should look for. These data points help us find you the right products, available for purchase online via WoahStork.

Your personalized report will come with product recommendations for every aspect of your life.

A personalized approach to cannabis makes sense…


Cannabis is complex. So are you. If you’re planning to use cannabis as medicine, it’s critical that you understand how your body will interact with THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids so you can avoid negative side effects and prevent long-term harm.

Your personalized report will show if you tested positive for any of our cannabis-related indicators and provide specific product recommendations so you can take intelligent steps towards using cannabis responsibly and effectively.


Let’s be honest. Cannabis is amazing.

Thinking you’re dying, however, is not. Sometimes, it can feel like a game of roulette when you try new cannabis products.

The personalized report you’ll receive looks at your DNA and responses to a questionarre to provide you with a list of products that are least likely to bring you a negative experience.


There are thousands of different cannabis products available. With more emerging on medical and recreational markets every day, that ends up being more than anyone can try in their lifetime.

It would be a shame to waste time and money on products that aren’t effective, give you negative experiences, or cause you long-term harm.

Our analysis only costs $30. For less than price of an 1/8th, you can save hundreds of dollars on wasted products.

Start your personalized cannabis journey today.