Strain Genie is your personal cannabis DNA test

Founded in 2016, what was initially a machine learning algorithm focused on cannabis product recommendations, became the first step towards a tangible solution in the cannabis DNA space.

Understanding the unequivocal gap in consumer education and product orientation Strain Genie created the first fullstream genomic blueprint for the cannabis industry.

Clarity is our Goal…


Years of research led to the development of a unique segmentation protocol that allowed us to aggregate tens of thousands of products and strains into six key activity groups: Energize, Create, Elevate, Medicate, Chill, Sleep.

This innovative framework focuses on simplifying what was otherwise an overly complex and convoluted product discovery experience for both recreational and medical consumers.

Cannabis and DNA – The birth of personalized cannabis use


The medicinal value of cannabis has become unquestionable given its effectiveness as a treatment option for an array of medical conditions.

By pairing cannabis with individual DNA data we now have the opportunity to identify a multitude of genetic predispositions and recommend cannabinoid and terpene ratios that would be most effective given the entourage of genetic biomarkers unique to an individual. These ideal cocktails are then matched against a database of over 10,000 strains and products, complete with lab-testing results so that individuals can identify cannabis strains or products that most closely resemble their ideal cannabinoid and terpene assortment.

Strain Genie tests for over 150 biomarkers (SNPs) within an individual’s DNA to learn how effectively they can break down THC and CBD. This helps to guide product selection and dosage as well as issue warnings as to which products to shy away from.

Strain Genie also looks at genetic indicators for a variety of other health and wellness concerns that could be prevented or ameliorated with the right cannabis products. For example, a host of genes can predispose someone to developing Alzheimer’s and dementia. On the other side of the equation, studies have shown that pinene (a terpene found in cannabis and other plants like pine trees) has a neuroprotective effect that specifically enhances memory. Cannabis users with such predispositions would be wise to take preventative health measures by routinely choosing cannabis products high in pinene. Similar associations exist for users with a tendency to develop schizophrenia or have psychotic episodes, where low-THC, high-CBD products can provide anti-psychotic effects. The same reasoning applies to individuals at a high-risk for cancer being able to take advantage of high-THC, anti-cancer products.


An eye into the future

As both recreational and medical markets mature we believe that genomic development will have a profound impact on our people use cannabis. We aim to advance the cannabis industry via breakthrough research, therapy development and other facets that have the unnassailable goal of bettering people’s lives through cannabis.

Our Team

Nicco Reggente, PhD

Nicco Reggente, PhD


Nicco received his Ph.D. from UCLA in Cognitive Neuroscience, with a focus on applying machine learning to neuroimaging datasets. He is passionate about helping to bring personalized medicine to the cannabis industry.

Zhong Sheng Zheng, PhD

Zhong Sheng Zheng, PhD


Amy received her Ph.D. from UCLA in Cognitive Neuroscience. Her work focused on using data to predict recovery rates in patients with disorders of consciousness.

David Chester, PhD

David Chester, PhD


David received his Ph.D. from UCLA in High Energy Physics, where we acquired a unique data science toolkit, which he was able to leverage for a cannabis DNA test.

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