Most DNA sequencing companies will provide you with an ancestry and health report. What they don’t give you, at first, is your raw data. This raw data contains your genetic makeup including which alleles are present on each SNP in your DNA. Once you get this raw data from the company, Strain Genie can use it to generate a personalized cannabis health report.

Strain Genie currently accepts raw data from a variety of different DNA testing companies that we’ve verified have enough data to process your cannabis-health report. If you have ordered a DNA test kit from a company other than those listed here, we will try our best to analyze your raw data.

In the rare case that the raw data from the DNA company you used does not test for enough SNPs or your raw data is in an unusable format, we will issue you a full refund.


Most DNA sequencing companies will provide you with the raw data they used to generate your ancestry / health report.

Most times, you can find instructions by searching Google for “Your DNA testing company raw data” (e.g. “23andMe raw data).


Once you get your raw data (usually in a .txt or .xls form), you can upload your data using the form below.


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You will receive your results within 1-2 days.

If you haven’t had your DNA tested yet, check out these options.

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