Consumer Genomic Solutions For Cannabis Businesses

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Strain Genie offers distribution and reselling opportunities for companies interested in excelling in the area of DNA-based services by providing unique cannabis genetic testing services to their customers or patients.

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Personalize Your Product Experience

Strain Genie DNA testing provides a unique set of benefits to your customers and patients.

For Medical Patients

Enable your company to offer and recommend curated cannabis products to your patients based on the makeup of their endocannabinoid system and individual genetic predispositions.

For Recreational Users

Increase customer satisfaction and LTV by offering your customers personalized product recommendations that enhance their overall experience and cannabis lifestyle.

The Value of Genomic Data

As the definition of personalization in medicine evolves, so does the way people buy their products. 

Cannabis companies who realize this change, will be able to excel in bridging the gap between education, efficient product pairing, and consumer data.

Is your company prepared to capture this new chapter in  cannabis medicine?

Strain Genie offers comprehensive consumer genomic solutions including genomic kits testing and white-glove management services.

Let Us Handle The Complexity

Get your company and products into the fast-growing opportunity of consumer genomics.

Matching Strain Genie technology, infrastructure and scientific expertise to your product is the quickest and easiest way to get started!

A Proven Model With Global Traction

We’ve helped thousands of people around the world with genomic education, personalized recommendations and optimal product pairing.

Let us help you enhance the way your customers use cannabis.