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Strain Genie is not affiliated with any DNA testing companies. However, your data belong to you. Heck, it IS you.

We’ve decided to accept data from both 23andMe and due to their widespread popularity, data security, CLIA-certifications, and ability to show you even more insights about your overall health. vs. 23andMe

Both of these DNA testing companies provide Strain Genie with enough raw data to process your personalized cannabis-health report. So, the choice is ultimately up to you! Here’s a little info on both, though:

23andMe offers two different packages (Ancestry vs. Ancestry + Health). Their ancestry package tells you about your genealogy and family history (whether you are European or Asian, etc.). Their Health package gives you additional insights about different aspects of your health (e.g. susceptibility to different diseases). Their ancestry package is $99 and the Ancestry + Health is $199. only offers an ancestry package, which will tell you about your genealogy and family history.

Their tests are cheaper ($89 when you use our referral link).


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Both 23andMe and take about 1-2 weeks to process your data. They will send you an email once your results are available. Once you have your data, head to our Get Started page and we’ll talk you through the rest of the process!