Have a special cannabis aficionado in your life? Care about someone’s health surrounding their use of cannabis products? Want to surprise someone with a unique glimpse into their genetic makeup?

Whatever the reason, nothing says you care more than the gift of information.

Give someone a Strain Genie DNA analysis and we’ll use their data to generate a personalized cannabis-health report.

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Purchase a Strain Genie DNA Analysis for your friend.


We’ll provide them with a unique code that will let them upload their data to Strain Genie and get an analysis for free. They will need to have their DNA tested by a company like 23andMe, Ancestry.com, My Heritage DNA, or Family Tree DNA first, if they haven’t already.

You can still purchase the Strain Genie DNA analysis ahead of time and we can provide them (or you) with instructions on how to get your raw DNA for analyses.

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Pick A DNA Testing Company


Strain Genie is not a DNA testing company. We analyze raw data generated by companies like 23 and Me. If your friend or loved one had their DNA tested by 23andMe, Ancestry.com, My Heritage DNA, or Family Tree DNA, then you’re all done! We’ll walk them through the steps of how to upload their raw data and get their personalized cannabis-health report.

If they haven’t been tested before, they’ll need to provide a saliva sample to either 23andMe, Ancestry.com, My Heritage DNA, or Family Tree DNA before providing us with their raw data. Of course, you can be a great friend and gift them a test kit as well.

23andMe vs. Ancestry.com

Both of these DNA testing companies provide Strain Genie with enough raw data to process your loved one’s personalized cannabis-health report. So, the choice is ultimately up to you! Here’s a little info on both, though:

23andMe offers two different packages (Ancestry vs. Ancestry + Health). Their ancestry package tells them about their genealogy and family history (whether you are European or Asian, etc.). The Health package gives them additional insights about different aspects of their health (e.g. susceptibility to different diseases). The ancestry package is $99 and the Ancestry + Health is $199.

Ancestry.com only offers an ancestry package, which will tell them about their genealogy and family history.

Ancestry’s tests are cheaper ($89 when you use our referral link).


Wait For Their Smile.


Once Strain Genie receives their raw data, we will generate a personalized cannabis-health report that will be sent directly to their email. We’ll be sure to let them know who sent the gift of information and started them off on their journey to cannabis health!